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Manuka Honey Lip Balm

This Lip balm helps heal dry, cracked lips and moisturises them to keep them soft and looking healthy. Made with soothing Manuka Honey. 

Containing Manuka Honey - An active honey which comes from the manuka berry bush that originates from New Zealand. It is one of the purest honeys known to man. Its healing properties are well known, being used extensively throughout the medical profession.

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Reviewed at 01 February 2024 by

This is very soothing. My lips feel much better since I started using it a week ago.

Reviewed at 25 January 2024 by

I’ve been using this since I received it. Excellent

Reviewed at 12 January 2024 by

Best lip balm I’ve ever tried. I bought it last year at Chester Christmas market and I love it. I bought the honey lip balm last year as well online but I love the Manuka honey balm. It lasts so long on my lips and I suffer with really dry lips especially in the winter.

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