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About us

This family run business was established in 1985 by my parents and I (Hazel). My mother suffered from psoriasis and found, whilst milking the family goats, that spraying a little of the milk on the affected area helped dramatically to smooth and speed up the healing of her irritated skin.

The first product the family developed therefore was Goat's Milk Moisturising Cream, which has helped thousands of people world-wide with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and dry sensitive skin. Family research and development found the benefits of honey in skin-care products and this inspired us to make a honey range which includes a rich hand cream for gardeners and people who work with their hands.

Word spread and soon people began to ask for our "famous" gardener's hand cream. So in the 1990s we called it our Famous Gardener's Handcream. We then developed a barrier-type cream for people who spend time in and out of water, needing that extra protection, called Fisherman's Handcream.

We still make all the original products and many more by hand to the traditional closely guarded "secret" recipes using the minimum of equipment. We are now located on the Shropshire/Cheshire border in rural England, where we have adopted a green policy, we also sell our Elegance Natural Skin Care range from our shop.

Our Green Policy

Natural is more than just a word to us-its a way of life. We care about our environment and all the benefits that it gives us, in return we feel we should help preserve it. All our products are made with the minimum of equipment to reduce our carbon footprint. Most of our pots and bottles are recyclable.

The packing chips we use are recyclable and made from potato starch, they are not very tasty but are great for the enviornment!