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Manuka Honey Eye Gel

Fed up of dry and dull looking skin around the eyes? This gentle yet effective eye gel is made from ethically sourced manuka honey and will brighten up your eyes, also great for hayfever sufferers, cooling and soothing, especially if kept in the fridge. 

Suitable for even sensitive skin you will be amazed at the difference regular use will make. 

Containing Manuka Honey - An active honey which comes from the manuka berry bush that originates from New Zealand. It is one of the purest honeys known to man. Its healing properties are well known, being used extensively throughout the medical profession.

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Product reviews

Reviewed at 07 October 2021

I suffer from sensitive skin especially around my eyes and have been using this eye gel for 2 months and have seen a dramatic change in the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles around my eyes. It's like sleep in a jar! Thank you

by Mrs Lockwood

Product reviews

Reviewed at 18 February 2019

I have been using this eye gel, for only a week, but it does what it says on the description. Only a tiny amount is needed on the end of your finger, it feels a little cold to the touch. When dabbed or smoothed on around the eye area, it instantly feels like its working! A little on my crows feet too, has improved the look of fine lines. I use it night and morning. Thank you for a brilliant gel, a little goes a long way! I certainly be buying this again!

by Margaret Hazel Gates